Bone Fixation Question for the Boneheads???

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     Dear Histonet,

          I have yet another question concerning bone work. What are the
recommended fixatives for bone tissue?  Or more specifically would anyone
recommend 70% EtOh as a fixative? This is what we are currently using but
with varied results. I have always preferred 10% NBF, Zinc Formalin or 4%
Paraformaldehyde in the past but I was only working with soft tissue.  As I
am a novice to bone histology it is rather difficult for me to justify my
desire to change fixatives.  I do know that tissue can be stored in 70%
EtOh after fixation. I would prefer to fix the bone first and then move to
70% for storage!  Any comments and/or wisdom would be greatly appreciated!
Many thanks in advance!

Jennifer Hoover
Eli Lilly and  Company

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