Automatic Slide Stainer & Coversliper

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Histonetters - - Please help!!!
We are  going to purchase a slide stainer and coverslipper soon and I
need some advice.
We  stain & coverslip approx. 150 to 200 slides on a good day.  Bad days
I won't talk about.
I need to know the  most mainteance free, easie to use brands.  We also
pull old  slides [for send-outs]  approx. 20-30 daily  Sometimes slides
several months old and some several years old. So we can't afford to
have air bubbles, faded stain  or lost  tissure.
I will patiently wait on your help
                                Thank You

Lisa C. Jackson - Histology Supervisor
St. Anthony's Medical Center
10010 Kennerly Road 
St. Louis, Mo. 63128

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