road kill at the HTL corral

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Peggy Wenk suggests as a last act of desperation:

>>There is, at last resort, road kill. (Don't laugh, it's been done before, 
in times of desperation. One of my former students is know as the "Opossum 
Lady" around here, as she did a "necropsy" on the side of the road with an 
Exacto knife and a plastic bag, just to get an esophagus for her registry.) 
Try early Saturday or Sunday morning, just after dawn. The bars will have 
closed only a few hours earlier. So the road kill will be still warm. (Sorry 
to be gross this early in the morning.)<<

Now this is the kind of thing we really get into in east Tennessee. - I'd 
suggest rubber gloves (preferably utility gloves, like Playtex) and a jar of 
fixative right along with you. Would also suggest not messing with rabbits, 
because of the hazard of tularemia, and watch for ticks.

Most important, don't get run over by a tractor-trailer!

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist at the Road Kill Cafe
Knoxville TN

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