Re: stains for Helicobacter pylori

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From:Abizar Lakdawalla <>
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Hi Jan, appreciate your comments but one of the aspects of good science is the
constant flow of criticism (in it's positive form, of course) that helps refine
and improve. Journals refer publications to reviewers for their opinion and
encourage feedback from readers about the publications.

1-IGX-INFO wrote:

> Dr. Richmond,
> I read your critique of Kim's article and I must admit that I was
> disappointed in your comments.  The article may not have answered all of the
> questions from your point of interest, but I suspect that it was targeted at
> a different audience.  The HistoLogic publication is an excellent forum for
> technical people to communicate with one another, sharing techniques and
> experiences.  It has been well received in the histology community for many
> years because the articles are informative and easy to understand.
> It is very difficult to get people in the field to feel confident enough to
> submit articles for publication and many individuals feel a little safer
> starting out in this arena.  I fear that after reading your sharp critique
> there will be a number of individuals who will reconsider their desire to
> publish, and that would be a terrible waste of potential talent.
> I do not believe that there is an "impasse" or a "failure to communicate"
> between the pathologists and the technologists.  The pathologists that I
> worked for always encouraged me to do things that I hadn't tried before, and
> they helped me learn without being critical or negative.  The "impasse" never
> existed in that environment.
> Jan Minshew


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