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From:Lee & Peggy Wenk <>
To:lisa counts <>
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Good for your employees trying for their HT certification!

And thank you for being willing to let your employees
go to NSH to take the classes!

Information can be obtained from the NSH Home Page

Click on Convention, then Click on Preview.

Workshop #1 on Saturday Sept 16 by Glenda Hoye - All Day
Registry Eligible, or Are You Ready for the HT Exam?

Any other workshop that is at the Basic-Intermediate
Level that is a good REVIEW of a subject would also
be a good idea. 

The HT exam does NOT test for staining of IHC, EM,
enzymes, undemineralized bone, or any management, etc. 
So if they want information JUST for the HT exam, 
stick with histology stains and procedures. If, on the
other hand, your lab does some of these procedures,
then by all means send them to these other workshops
for the sake of your lab and your patients.

My suggestions for people studying for the HT exam
(and this is my opinion, so feel free to disagree)
(Plus, I haven't attended all of these (yet), so
I'm going on hearsay and from reading the abstract):

# 19: Specializing in Laboratory Safety by
Janet Dapson, Saturday Sept 16 afternoon.

# 21: Dyes and Tissues: Chemical Mechanisms of
Staining by Gary Wiederhold and Bert Dotson, 
Saturday Sept 16 afternoon

# 35: Microbiology, A Mini Course for the Histotechnologist
by Jerry Santiago, Sunday Sept. 16 afternoon

# 36: Meat to Microscope: A Step by Step Investigation and
Evaluation of the Histologic Method by Russ Allison
Sunday Sept. 17 afternoon

# 47: Frozen Sections: What the Technologist Needs to Know
by Gwen Goss Monday Sept. 18 morning

# 60: Solutions to Ergonomic Problems by Pearl Gervais
Monday Sept. 18 afternoon

# 63: Human Anatomy and Physiology: What a Histotech
Should Know by Rick Graham, Monday Sept. 18 afternoon

Tuesday Morning Seminars - Sept. 19
11 am - 11:30 am HT and HTL ASCP Field Testing and
Exams Explained by Sumiko Sumida

# 68: Special Procedures in a Routine Laboratory by 
Cliff Chapman, Tuesday Sept. 19 morning

# 73: Lab Math for Today's Histotech by Rachel Kropf,
Tuesday Sept. 19 morning

# 78: How Dyes Stain Tissues: A Whole New Perspective
by Richard Dapson, Tuesday Sept. 19 afternoon

# 90: Controlling Procedures by Freida Carson,
Wednesday Sept. 20 morning

# 97: Microwave Fixation and Processing by Richard
Dapson and Steven Slap, Wednesday Sept. 20 afternoon


Since we know that there are many techs out there
that need to take the HT exam before the Jan. 2005
deadline of needing an associate degree, I would
suggest including workshops on basic information
that could help these people, for the next several

- Possibly contact these people, and see if they would
be willing to do these workshops at your state.

- Contact program directors of HT/HTL programs, to
see if they can give workshops.

- Get your more experience members to give workshops
on the basics of fixation, processing, decal,
FS, and all the categories of specials stains.

Good luck to those taking the exam.

Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)
Schools of Histotechnology
William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, MI 48073

lisa counts wrote:
> Does anyone have any information about workshops
> regarding the HT exam?  I work with some employees who
> would be interested.  Thank you.
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