Re: histo books: Conn/Lillie 77 and Horobin 88

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On Sat, 5 Aug 2000, Tibor Ric wrote:

> H. J. Conn's Biological stains /Conn, Harold Joel,1977

  The author/editor of the 9th edition (1977) was R.D.Lillie,
  who also did the 8th edition. The first 7 editions were
  the work of H.J.Conn. You may still be able to get a reprinted
  9th edition this from the Sigma Chemical Co.
  A new 10th edition is in preparation (? 2001). This will be
  a completely new book, as distinct from the 8th and 9th editions
  in which R.D.Lillie added to Conn's earlier work. The editor
  of the new edition is R.W.Horobin, the author of the next book
  you ask about.
> Understanding histochemistry : selection, evaluation and design of
> biological stains / R.W. Horobin

  This slim volume published in 1988 was a simplified and more recent
  version of Richard Horobin's "Histochemistry. An Explanatory Outline
  of Histochemistry and Biophysical Staining" (Stuttgart: Gustav
  Fischer / London: Butterworths, 1982), which also had an orange 
  hard cover.  Horobin's 1982 book was a landmark publication - something
  of a successor to Baker's "Principles of Biological Microtechnique."
  Richard Horobin sends mesages to HistoNet occasionally. Perhaps
  he'll pick up on this one.  Finding out of print and 2nd-hand books
  is a breeze for Lycos, Googol and all the other Web search engines.

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