Re: carbon 14 labeled tissue

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From:Abizar Lakdawalla <>
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hi gina, there is an increasing trend to detect a drug compound in vivo by
immunohistochemical means. This of course presupposes that you have generated
a polyclonal antibody to the drug.
Abizar wrote:

> Hello all,
> I have been asked to do auto-radiography on 14 C labeled rat tissue.  The
> animals are receiving a single oral dose of
>  250 uCi/kg labeled drug that will probably not be absorbed well (we are
> thinking it will end up it the gut).  I will be looking at kidney, liver
> and bone.  My questions are:  (1) will the processor,  the solutions and
> the waste sections  be hot at this level?  In the past someone here dosed
> at 1/5 this level and it was not detectable.  (2) should I try film vs.
> emulsion, in the past nothing was seen with emulsion after  30 and 60 day
> exposures.
> Thanks    Gina Sennello
> PS. I will soon be doing WBA (whole body autoradiography), we are waiting
> for the macro-cryostat to arrive and I'm sure I will have many questions.
> Is there anyone out there who would be willing to let me call them?

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