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Additional information:  These recyclers pay for themselves in a very short
time.  B/R will perform an analysis of costs vs pay back for you if you provide
the following:  Price of alcohol, xylenes(this includes the price plus hazardous
transportation fees), disposal costs (typically, you pay $500-700 for each 55 gal
drum you ship out and cradle to grave to cradle responsibility for making certain
it was indeed disposed of the way you contracted for it to be).  Depending upon
your labs volume, you will be surprised at how quickly these recyclers pay for

Sharon Osborn wrote:

> Please look into the B/R recyclers.  The xylenes return more pure than the
> commercial product you purchase.  The alcohols return 95% consistently when
> recycler is used properly.  Also consider the formalin recycler.  It returns
> 9-11% consistently with proper operation.  All are easy to operate.  They use
> fractional distillation.  The company provides document templates for all the
> records you need.  Call 800.922.9206 for literature and the sales person in
> your area.  sharon osborn
> wrote:
> > I am considering purchasing a xylene-alcohol recycler for our laboratory.
> > Which one should we demo and possibly purchase, if any?

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