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To:Miranda DeMaso <>,
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Hello Histonetters!

I am looking for an alternate stain for H Pylori.  We
have tried the Warthin-Starry, and the Steiner, but
have found them to be unreliable at times.  Is there
anyone out there with another method that is not done
by IHC?

Miranda DeMaso
South Bend Medical Found.
South Bend IN 

The Histotechnology Group of NSW has just completed a Saturday 
Workshop on stains for H. pylori.  By consencus the group suggested 
the most viewable was the Alcian Yellow/Toluidine blue while the 
others such as the Giemsa, Toluidine blue/Nuclear fast red also show 
the organisms quite well.  Among other stains suggested was a Diff 
Quick whichalthough pale still gave good differentiation between 
organisms and tissue.
In our laboratory they want the special stain with the H&E so we use 
the Giemsa (5 min in microwave) as it is quick and easy.
Bill Sinai
Department Manager
Tissue Pathology
ICPMR Westmead Hospital 
Phone 61+2+9845 7774  Fax 61+2+9687 2330

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