Re: Optimax timing inconsistencies??

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From:N Kenneison <>
To:"Morken, Tim" <>

hi Tim
We use three of the machines and apparently it states the time that the
first slide finishes this enables you to be able to predict the time
that you need to be there to put the the DAB on if you are not using a
stable DAB solution (we have found th eBiogenex DAB suitable to be left
on from the start). If you than add one minute for each of the slides on
the run that gives the actual finishing time.  

I believe that a new software release is being in the process of being
approved that will give the actual run finish time but is somewhere in
th your FDA approval system before Biogenex can release. If there is
anyone there from Biogenex any updates would be welcomed.

By the way we like the stainers - especially as our workload has gone up
60% in  a year!!! with no extra staff?!?! 

In message <1537895B1173D1118D9300A0246212B60659422E@MCDC-ATL-4>,
Morken, Tim <> writes
>For those using the Opimax stainer, has anyone experienced inconsistencies
>in the timer, specifically the timer being wrong about when the run is done?
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N Kenneison

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