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   If you are affiliated with a hospital you can get some of the tissues from the surgical pathology or anatomic pathology laboratories.  Make sure they give you enough material and that they do not cut this to size.  This is your committment.  Otherwise, look for someone that is doing research on larger animals and ask for the tissue you need. (Make sure it is not necrotic). Some students were able to get samples from a teaching hospital using large breed dogs for surgical demonstrations.  
  I gather you are required to do a Pan-cytokeratin for the IHC stain.  Pan cytokeratin is not very expensive (relative to other antibodies).  You would do better ordering this and working out the proper dilutions for the stain and controls as this is all part of the exercise. 
  Good luck on the practical.

>>> "CHEN, YUETIAN" <> 08/03 9:36 AM >>>
     Dear HistoNet friends:
     I am taking HTL practical exam.  Since I am working in research area 
     all the tissues I have are from mice.  According to the requirement of 
     exam, they are too small.  I am just wondering how everybodys get 
     their tissues for HT exam?  I also just need some 
     antibody(Pan-Keratin) to run just couple of slides.  Is there any 
     place I can ask to get this antibody instead of buying it? 
     Thanks for the help.

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