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Hi Paulo,

We have an ST4040, purchased in May this year.  I have found it to 
be an excellent unit - robust and reliable.  We get excellent results 
on H&E (even our 'fussy' pathologist likes it).  The way I have it set 
up, a staining run takes 22 - 27 minutes for a batch of 20 slides, 
with the ability to load a new batch every minute.  I am currently 
only using it for H&E, but am looking at taking advantage of its 
double loading capacity and setting it up for Pap staining as well.

Any other questions, just email me!

Aidan, New Zealand.

> Does anyone have experience with Leica ST4040 Linear Stainer?  Are you 
> getting good results on HE?
> Paulo Faria, MD
> Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
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