Re: Integrity in the field of Mohs

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Sue Becker in Albany wrote a very clear description of what a Mohs service 
ought to be - and what hers apparently is.

The Mohs surgeon I described is well trained. He just doesn't want to do the 
frozen sections - he has quite a lot of Mohs patients, but also does a lot of 
skin surgery as well as medical dermatology. He was really wanted to shuck 
off the lab stuff onto a pathologist.

The problem here is that the pathologist is in no position to spend the large 
amount of money it would take to outfit a proper laboratory. And that's 
always the situation - somehow or other, the pathologist is always consigned 
to worn out equipment and inadequate facilities. For this reason, I think 
that Mohs support is much better done by the dermatologist or surgeon, with a 
properly trained histotech.

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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