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To:"Jennings-Siena, Debbie" <>
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Contact ASCP Board of Registry (BOR) for information regarding
evaluation agencies that ASCP BOR will accept. They will need to know
the names of the courses, US credit equivalent for each course, and
US degree equivalent (or how many years of college equivalent). A
4 year BS degree in other countries does not always equal a BS 4 year
degree in the US - some are only equal to 3 years of US college.
ASCP HTL exam requires 30 semester hours of biology and chemistry, 
which is why the name and credits for each course must be listed.
(For the HT exam, associate route, 12 credits of biology and chemistry
are required.)

ASCP = 312/738-1336
When the recording comes on line, hit 0 for operator (don't bother
listing to the recording, since you have to hit 0 anyway). Then
ask for Board of Registry.

Now, on another note: Please be aware that some people from other
countries have not been able to obtain permission from the US
government to get a green card or enter as a permanent resident. 
Some are on very long waiting lists (5-10 years) because of the 
number of immigrants allowed from each country by the US government.

One way around this, is that people try to find a hospital
that will "sponsor" them, so that they can get into the country
for a year or two on a work visa. Once here, they then try to
find ways to remain in the US, such as asking for political asylum.

I'm not saying that your person is trying to do this. I don't
know him and do not know his reasons/circumstances.

I'm not passing judgment on the ways people try to get into 
the US. This is a great country, and many other countries are
not so great.

And if you are a lab that needs someone who can do histology
well, and haven't been able to find anyone, and have no time
to train anyone, then getting someone on a work visa may be
something to consider.

Just saying I've run into this same request here at the hospital,
both in people trying to get us to hire them and sponsor them, and
in trying to get into our histology training program so they can
come here on a student visa. Unfortunately, for hospital-based
lab training programs, the US government does not count us as
"college", so they aren't "real" students in the eyes of the US
government, so the student visa route doesn't work.

Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)
William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, MI 48073

"Jennings-Siena, Debbie" wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> We need your help.  I was contacted by Banjo Adesuyi who is interested in
> coming to the U.S. and getting his ASCP certification in Histology.  He has
> many years in histology all overseas.  He had written to me and asked how he
> could go about getting his ASCP certification.  I had explained to him that
> he should send his transcripts to a company that evaluates and compares them
> with American standards and then depending on how that turns out, whether or
> not he will need to have two years or one year of training.  Next, he would
> need to obtain a position in the states, where he could learn U.S. histology
> and prepare for the examination.  I am aware of companies that will evaluate
> his credits but I do not know the names of any, or if one is better than
> another and also is anyone interested in working with Banjo so that he could
> get his HT or HTL certification?  I currently do not have any openings.
> Could you please respond to me and I will be glad to forward all serious
> inquiries. Thanks for your help.
> Debbie J. Siena, HT(ASCP)
> Histopathology Manager
> Baylor University Medical Center
> Dallas, TX 75246
> 214-820-2465 vm
> 214-820-4110 fax
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Banjo Adesuyi
> Sent: Wednesday, August 09, 2000 8:54 PM
> To:
> Dear Debbie,
>                     I have just received your mail at about twenty-two
> minutes after midnight; and I decided to reply immediately.
>              I must express my sincere appreciation for the long and
> interesting mail.
>       Well, like you said I am an EXPERIENCED HISTOTECHNOLOGIST. I had/did
> my training in one of the best TEACHING HOSPITALS IN NIGERIA.
>        After that, I worked for 8  -GOOD YEARS in NIGERIA. I  have also
> worked for another 2 -GOOD YEARS IN KUWAIT,ARABIAN-GULF NOW.
>       I now have a total of  10-YEARS EXPERIENCE as an HISTOTECHNOLOGIST.
>     I will not deceive you, I am very much interested in coming to the
> U.S.,but I don't know how to go about the whole thing.
>     Though, I will not even mind if I could be registered for HT EXAMS.
>      Please I will want you to finish this assignment for me , because like
> you made mention of 3-BASIC THINGS:
> 1)That I would need to find a POSITION where I would be allowed to work and
> learn how Histology is done in U.S.
> 2)My education to be evaluated by one of the companies that will compare my
> credits with the U.S. standards.
> 3)To narrow down where I want to go in the U.S. and then to contact
> Histotechs. In that state who will be willing to get me a position.
>      Well I think you are the only person  who can do all these things for
> me ;because personally , I don't know how to get a position in U.S.
>    And also, I will so much appreciate it if you can get me the name of  the
> company that will evaluate my certificates.
>      I will also want you to use your WEALTH OF EXPERIENCE to narrow down
> where you feel I should be able to get a POSITION   OR   rather where you
> can easily link me up with one of your colleagues who will be able to get me
>      But as far as I am concerned, I don't  mind any part of the U.S.
> I will be waiting for your reply.
> 0
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