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<< In my experience almost everyone has problems after antigen retrieval on
 decalcified paraffin-embedded bone (especially rat tissues) >>

We manufacture a product called Immunocal.  I would refer you to the 
September 1997 issue of The Jounrnal of Histotechnology pp 215-224.  Dr. 
David Hicks,,  from the University of Rochester Medical Center, 
Department of Pathology and Orthopedics tested Immunocal and wrote, that mRNA 
was preserved in tissue decalcified in Immunocal and that Immunocal provided 
" the strongest staining withe the least amount of nonspecific backround"  
when compared with other methods.  He also stated, "In our experience, the 
procedure for nonradioactive ISH described in this paper has a sensitivity 
approaching that of radioactive techniques and provides reliable and 
reproducible results.  This methodology is technically feasible in most 
pathology and orthopedics laboratories"
If you would like to sample Immunocal, you can call us at 1-800-428-5856.  I 
will gladly send a free sample along with a copy of Dr. Hicks' paper. 

Cliff Berger
Decal Chemical Corp

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