Re: A comment about road kill; also cats and pets

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    OK just to be on the safe side when you scrape it up make sure to take the brain
to test for rabies. Oh, just as another precaution make use to use proper personal
protective equipment ... namely a bat or the tire iron ... just in case.

Manuel Jayo wrote:

> Histonet
> It seems totally extreme, and to me, unprofessional, to suggest to anyone to
> handle, process and use tissues from animals of unknown origin. The cases of
> rabies, at least in North Carolina are on the rise, visit
> Also, you can learn more about protecting yourself about rabies at the following
> CDC web site
> However, there are other potential zoonoses (since animals may serve as
> reservoirs for zoonotic pathogens that cause infections in animals and are also
> transmissible to humans). The list may be long and can include tuberculosis,
> brucellosis, leptospirosis, anthrax, salmonellosis, E. coli bacillosis,
> arbovirus infections (Venezuelan equine encephalitis), etc. You may want to
> consult a professional.
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