RE: methyl-green staining or ethyl-green staining

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From:Hewlett Bryan <HEWLETT@HHSC.CA>
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To restrict the staining of dyes like Ethyl green to only the nucleus.
Apply them from an appropriate buffer at the optimum pH. We use 1% w/v Ethyl
green(or chloroform washed Methyl green) in Walpole acetate buffer pH 3.8.


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> From: 	Peter Poon[]
> Sent: 	August 9, 2000 11:50 AM
> To: 	histonet
> Subject: 	methyl-green staining or ethyl-green staining
> Oka.  we are currently trying to use ethyl-green as a nuclear counter
> stain to a immunohistostain for Estrogen receptor.  Most of the slides we
> do the background (neuropil) shows ups as pale blue in contrast to the
> nucleus, which is darker blue, but there are a few random slide in which
> the ethyl-green looks perfect, it stains the nucleus, but leaves the
> background unstained.  Does anyone know what happened? And how this can be
> duplicated. I'm at my wit's end on this one.
> thanks,
> Peter Poon, histology rookie.

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