RE: Stain for H Pylori

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From:"Tunnicliffe, Janet" <>
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There is a very nice article in the Vol. XXX No.1 April 1999,  Histo logic.
It compares all the commonly used methods including silver.  It also has
great colour photos so that you can compare. If you do not have a copy
possibly your Sakura rep can get you this back copy.

I personally use the cresyl violet method as it is fast, cheap and very

Janet Tunnicliffe ART
Charge Technologist 
Surrey Memorial Hospital

	From:  Miranda DeMaso []
	Sent:  Sunday, August 06, 2000 5:13 PM
	To:  Histonet
	Subject:  Stain for H Pylori

	Hello Histonetters!

	I am looking for an alternate stain for H Pylori.  We
	have tried the Warthin-Starry, and the Steiner, but
	have found them to be unreliable at times.  Is there
	anyone out there with another method that is not done
	by IHC?

	Miranda DeMaso
	South Bend Medical Found.
	South Bend IN 

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