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Boehringer-Mannheim used to sell Test Simplets for blood smears
(?Wright-Giemsa type).  They were regular slides coated with a proprietary
dye mixture and dispersing agent.  You just smeared the blood on to make a
film, and voila, it came out stained.  They were apparently also used by a
number of fertility clinics to do rapid sperm assessments.
I don't know if B-M still sell them (or, indeed, what B-M call themselves
these days), but you may be able to find them.  Good luck,
Adrian Leek,
CytoLogix Corp.

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Subject: Spermatozoa stains

Does anyone have a procedure for a stain for spermatozoa?  Or could someone
tell me if new fuchsin is also known by another name? I  have Berg's method
but it uses new fuchsin.  I need this as soon as possible for a ram sale.
Thank you very much.
Roberta Horner HT
Animal Diagnostic Lab
Penn State University

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