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I must agree with Peggy that this is an useful article for those taking the 
exam or for instructors/supervisors with technicians taking the exam. I 
must also disagree with her assessment of the value in reviewing answers. A 
more careful review of the data in this article shows that in 96% of the 
cases, such review did not change the exam outcome. In one percent of the 
cases the review changed the result from pass to fail. This means that in 
 97% of the cases where review occurred the final outcome was the same or 
worse. I think we can share the same conclusion: "strategies" usually don't 
work. Time is usually better spent learning the material more thoroughly.


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Then, the article asks - does going back and
reviewing AND changing the answers increase
or decrease the candidate's final score?

They looked at (if memory serves me correctly.
I'm at home, the article is at work) about
30,000 tests. The pass rate BEFORE reviewing
was 67%. The pass rate AFTER reviewing was 69%.

So, it does look like reviewing and changing
the answers helps to raise the pass rate by
2% points.

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