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I recall playing with several variations of this stain many years ago as a
young student.
I can't imagine why you would wish to resurrect this old war-horse!
However, here goes.

McClung's Handbook of Microscopical technique, 3rd Ed. 1950. p237, refers to
this as Dominici's stain for sections of bone marrow. The following method
and three variations are given.

1) Stain for 6-7 minutes in an Eosin-Orange G solution( Eosin Y 0.5g.,
Orange G 0.5g., distilled water 100mL)
2) Rinse off the excess stain in D.water but do not leave the section in
water long enough to fade.
3) Stain in 0.5% w/v aqueous toluidine blue for 20-30 seconds.
4) Rinse in D. water and differentiate in 95% ethanol(ETOH), controlling
5) dehydrate in 100% ETOH, clear in xylene and mount.

The AFIP Manual of Histologic and Special Staining Techniques, 2nd Ed. 1960.
p108, refers to the method as Dominici's Mast Cell Stain. The method given
is the Acid Fuchsine variant with greatly abbreviated staining times. ( The
method was dropped from the 3rd Ed. 1960).

Conn's Biological Stains, 9th Ed.  reprinted 1991. p429, under Toluidine
Blue O, mentions Dominici's as a very good sequence stain for blood but
gives no method.

All these sources give the same reference;

Dominici, M.: Sur une methode de technique histologique appropriee a l'etude
du systeme hematopoietique. biol.(Paris) 54: 221-223,

P.S Please forgive the lack of appropriate accents above the e's in the
French title, this program does not allow for them.

Hope this helps.


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> Hello,
> Anybody with experience with Dominici's stain?  I would appreciate the
> staining procedure and/or any information about this old stain.
> Thanks,
> Linda
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