Fw: HIER on bone tissue

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From:Jim Manavis <jim.manavis@imvs.sa.gov.au>
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For bone I do my HIER (Citrate, TRS, etc) in a waterbath rather than either
the microwave or steamer. I need to compensate though by increasing the time
they spend in the waterbath, but the upside is that I lose a lot less

As for the AR solution, the particular antibody your staining for will
dictate which AR solution you use. You will need to assess your antibodies
to see which retrieval solution gives the most optimal result.

Jim Manavis
Neuropathology & ICC
IMVS. Adelaide
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To: Efrain Pacheco <epacheco2001@yahoo.com>; HistoNet@pathology.swmed.edu
Date: Friday, 4 August 2000 10:25
Subject: Re: HIER on bone tissue

>     Dear Histonetters,
>          I would also be very interested to know what kind of HIER
>procedures are being used for bone tissue.  More specifically, the type of
>AR solution and the particular method, i.e. steamer, microwave, water bath,
>Decloaker????  All replies would be very much appreciated.  Thank you in
>Jennifer Hoover
>Endocrine Research
>Eli Lilly and Company

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