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From:Keith Rogers <>
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I apologise if this topic has been aired before.

Has anyone had any experience with inconsistent (weak or negative) immuno 
staining using cryo jane vs routine cryo sections?

We use the cryo jane routinely, our pathologists think that it the greatest 
thing since sliced bread. But, we have recently noticed some negative 
staining that should have been positive. We ran a couple of Ab's using 
routine cryo and cryo jane sections under the same conditions. There was a 
distinct difference between the two and some cryo jane slides appeared 
negative against good positives on non jane sections.

I would hasten to add that this is not the case for many antibodies and 
since the results are still inconclusive I would not like to jump to 
conclusions. It may be something we are doing wrong, but we would like to 
know if this has been noticed elsewhere.

Keith Rogers

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