CPT codes-prof vs tech?

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From:Sue Danielson <sdaniels@post.its.mcw.edu>
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Can anyone in histoland direct me on how to determine/designate a CPT code
as professional versus technical?  Hopefully, someone can send me to the
written criteria somewhere which can help determine this.  I sort of assumed
that a code such as 88319 (histochemistry) would be technical, while a code
like 88323 (written report on referred slide material) would be
professional.  Can a single CPT code be both professional and technical at
the same time?

Thank you all in advance!

Susan Danielson, MS
Neuromuscular Lab Coordinator
Dept. Neurology, Medical College of Wisconsin
Fax: 414-454-7905
email: sdaniels@mcw.edu

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