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In my experience almost everyone has problems after antigen retrieval on
decalcified paraffin-embedded bone (especially rat tissues). For these issues we
recommend to our clients to go to cryo-sectioning because:
1. We keep the section on the slide
2. Morphology is adequate
3. Almost all the antibodies work on frozens because the epitopes of interest
have not been lost due to processing
4. You can decrease the incubation time and increase your dilutions
5. Even histochemistry can be done on serials

Another possibility is  to do cold plastic embedding, but it is more time
consuming and costly.

Lastly, most people do histochemistry for tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase
(TRAP) in order to observe or measure the number of osteoclasts in bone or joint
tissues. However, Zymed (Clone Zy-9C5) has antibody which requires antigen
retrieval and human spleen as positive control. I did not have a good luck with

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