Alcian Blue availability

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Certified Alcian Blue is available from EM Science we have plenty of inventory
at this time,
catalog number  109-09

In Canada contact VWR Canlab 1-800-932-5000
In USA  contact your EM Science distributor , VWR/SP, Fisher Scientific,
world wide contact your BDH/Merck distributor.

Gordon Fenn
EM Science Toronto
( BDH )

Pam Marcum <> on 08/07/2000 09:22:36 AM

To:   "J. A. Kiernan" <>, Histonet
cc: (bcc: Gordon Fenn/BDH/EMI/Merck)
Subject:  RE: Alcian Blue availability

The other question would be how much do they require under contract.  If the
requirement is to high or costly it may make the price skyrocket.  This is
may be the time to look for more common replacements.  Pam Marcum

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Subject: Alcian Blue availability

This email arrived today, and I'm forwarding it to HistoNet
because it may be of interest to vendors and others who have
expressed concern about a possible future shortage of
alcian blue. The message from Atomergic does not say if
their product is submitted to the Biological Stain Commission
for certification, but this is usually done by vendors
of dyes rather than manufacturers. (Very few companies
manufacture the dyes they sell to laboratories.)
                                        John Kiernan
                                        London, Canada.
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Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2000 10:00:03 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Alcian Blue

Dear Dr. Kiernan,
I just came across your article on the internet regarding Alcian
Blue manufactures. Atomergic Chemetals Corp. is a custom chemical
manufacturer and we have been producing Alcian Blue for many years.
We do this on a contract basis for our clients and as a matter of fact,
we shipped our last contract at the beginning of this week. We would
like you to know that if a need arises, we can accomodate any one who
has a requirement on a contract basis. Please feel free to suggest our
name to any of your contacts.
Best regards, M.Samuels, Vice President Atomergic Chemetals Corp.
71 Carolyn Blvd. Farmingdale N.Y. USA Tel. 631-694-9000
Fax 631-694-9177

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