Re: marking prostate biopsies

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Date:Wed, 21 Apr 1999 00:02:07 EDT
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Hello Terri,  I have been away from Histonet for 2 weeks, so I am not sure 
what the original question was. I had been working for the Urology Dept. up 
at the University of Washington, doing research on Prostate diseases for 6.5 
years. I was getting needle bxs from several hospitals besides UW. At the 
Seattle, VA, they used just a tint of Eosin. I have also used 
mecurachrome(Also forgot how to spell it). The fixation was 10%NBF I have 
never had any problems cutting, staining, etc. I myself was able to also 
grade the Cancer, in fact we graded even the frozen sections as later we were 
going to use the positive ones for probes. Two years ago, I presented a 
poster at the AUA meeting. I am not sure why you would want to use Bouins, 
when formalin works great.

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