Re: Video display of microscope slides.

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From:Joachim Siegmund <>
To:"Patterson, Noelle" <PattersonN@NMRIPO.NMRI.NNMC.NAVY.MIL>
Date:Fri, 23 Apr 1999 16:34:26 GMT
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Am 23.04.99, 16:38:28, schrieb "Patterson, Noelle" 
<PattersonN@NMRIPO.NMRI.NNMC.NAVY.MIL> zum Thema Video display of 
microscope slides.:

> When I was teaching in the anatomy lab we always used a microscope 
with a
> video camera attached, which relayed the microscope picture to a 
> screen.  This allowed the whole class to see and discuss the slide 
image at
> the same time.  We would like to get this same setup to use for data 
> meetings here.  Does anyone have any ideas on where to start looking 
> these "systems".  We have several microscopes with video ports (most 
> Olympus BH2 microscopes), so we should only need the video camera and
> television.  Generally we want to show the slides to 10 or more 
people, and
> a multiple head microscope being carried in and out of the conference 
> is a bit too bulky.

> I look forward to your ideas and recommendations.

> Noelle Patterson
> Naval Medical Research Center
> Bethesda, Md

Hi Noelle,

We use a similar configuration for our morphometry system.
We only have a PC between camera and TV.
Without a PC, you only need a normal CCD-camera (Sony etc.)
and in some cases an adapter between the video-camera and microscope.
Be sure the camera and TV have connecting ports with the same
standards (RGB, Pal, NTSC ... whatever).
If you want to use a PC, because you like to store pictures
of, for example, interesting abnormalities, you need to add
a framegrabber-card and a TV-card to your PC-system.

Hope this is helpful,

Joachim Siegmund

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