Re: Placenta Disposal

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From:Donna Carr <>
To:"'Histonet'" <>
Date:Wed, 28 Apr 1999 11:31:04 -0500
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    At our hospital the OB department disposes of all placentas they do
not send for pathology.  OB has a refrigerator that they use to store
all placentas not sent for routine pathology. { Currently they send
placentas for routine path in a large 12" X 12" bag with fixative ( we
use Streck Tissue Fixative). }
We are in the process of developing a new procedure for the handling of
placentas.  The pathologist feel that the most important studies that
are done on placentas are chromosome studies.  Since this can only be
done on fresh tissue the procedure we are implementing will include.
 Convincing OB to keep the placentas in their frig for at least a week
in case of a need for chromosome studies. ( Currently they dispose of
them when the mother and baby are discharged.) Also instead of putting
fixative on placentas sent for routine path we are in the process of
getting a refrigerator for our department to store processed placentas
there.   This would eliminate the need for the use of fixative on
placentas.  As this is a considerable cost even with our current
method.  As we supply OB with 5 gallon cubes of STF  at a cost of appx
55$ about once a month.  They are putting STF on the placentas when they
take them out of the frig for incineration!!!  Basically burning up our
    Then add the fact that in order to properly fix a placenta, using
the necessary amount of fixative would be an outrageous cost.  We feel
the refrigerator method is the most cost effective And most importantly
the best alternative for patient care.    Hope this helps, sorry so long
winded and confusing.  If you have any questions I would be happy to
answer.  Donna

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