Re: Immunos and Oven Temps/Times--REPLY

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Date:Sat, 17 Apr 1999 20:20:30 EDT
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I personally incubate primary antibodies (ZYMED, prediluted) for 30 - 60 
minutes at room does a person keep their slides from drying out 
at 70 degrees all weekend?  Just curious....

I would also recommend using silane coated or positively charged slides for 
breast and/or skin tissue.  If you stain by hand (as I do) you really kind of 
have to be gentle when rinsing with PBS.  ZYMED has a product that helps 
adhere that kind of tissue to the slides....some kind of pen (I forget the 
name), but I've heard that it really works...and leaves no background.

Good luck with the immunos....

Debra Flynn
River Oaks Hospital
Jackson, MS

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