Re: Does LacZ staining work on air-dried-cryosections?

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From:Jamie Erickson <>,
Date:Mon, 19 Apr 1999 09:50:58 -0400

           We use the isopentane cooled method for frozens but when sectioning we do not acetone fix. We place the slides at -20 til the time of B-gal staining and all the samples look fine. Just a friendly note I always use a positive control sample in my runs (usually liver) to insure I didn't make up the solutions wrong. Hope it helps.

Jamie Erickson
Genetics Institute
Andover, MA

>>> "Masayuki Miyagishima, MD" <> 04/17 4:34 PM >>>
Does LacZ staining work on air-dried-cryosections?

Has anyone tried it?  If it works as good as non-air-dried cryosections,
I do not have to make any special modification for slide storage for
lacZ staining.  Three days after the gene transfection, I kill the
animal and perfusion fix with 4% paraformaldehyde and snap-frozen in
Isopentan.  I want to use these cryosection for all the IHC and possibly
for LacZ staining, too.

Masayuki Miyagishima, MD
University of Pittsburgh, 
Department of Surgery
412-647-2345, and ask the hospital operator to page 3228, please.


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