Re: Bunsen burners in a pathology laboratory

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From:Katri Tuomala <>
To:Barry Rittman <>
Date:Sun, 18 Apr 1999 10:45:16 -0400
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Hi Barry and all,
I have to add my two cents worth. All our histostaff is very well
trained, but accidents do happen to best of us. In this instance remedy
is simple by just using heated wells with 2 or 3 forceps.
We almost burned the lab down one day, when a tech was cleaning
something with xylene too close to still burning alcohol lamp. We were
fortunate, that nobody got hurt and we managed to put the fire out with
a fire extinguisher. However, enough smoke was created to trigger fire
alarms and bring the fire department in. The firmen met with five red
faced, but relieved techs in the histolab.

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