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Date:Thu, 15 Apr 1999 22:43:47 -0500
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Yes, but people are running scared.  It is the lay jury they must ultimately
convince that they are not guilty of negligence.  Defense lawyers often
recommend settling out of court, as the lay jury can't understand the
nuances and plaintiff lawyers are paid to argue day is night.  We have no
idea how many such settlements occur annually, as both parties are
restricted by the terms of the agreement NOT to discuss the details.  If
there were no legal consequences to false negative Pap smears, THERE WOULD

Gary Gill

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> My 2 cents worth:
> Isn't the PAP smear a screening test? In fact isn't it one of the
> most effective screening tests ever introduced ???
> The new technologies seem to attempt to make this screening test into
> a diagnostic test. What are colposcopy and biopsy for?
> Regards, Tony
> Tony Henwood

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