RE: pregnancy in lab

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From:"Mark & Carrie Byrne" <>
To:"Yaskovich, Ruth A (NIDCR)" <RYaskovich@DIR.NIDCR.NIH.GOV>, "histonet" <>
Date:Thu, 29 Apr 1999 16:19:41 -0700
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gee, a lab without chemicals for preggy techs....that would be nice but for
most of us only a pipe dream.
we've had 2 techs pregnant in the last 2 years (i was one of them).....with
no ill effects on the babies.....we did limit our exposure to as many
chemicals as possible but otherwise no "extra" precautions were taken other
than our standard protective stuff.
i believe that the limonene based xylene subs should be safe enough to use
(with gloves and a good fume hood, of course).  it is used in a number of
cleaning products available in grocery/hardware/drug stores.
carrie kyle-byrne
salem hosp.

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