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Date:Mon, 26 Apr 1999 08:37:18 -0400
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Whenever I have a problem with melanin bleach techniques, I resort to
the slower, but tried and true, Mayer technique. This was the first
melanin bleach I learned more than 40 years ago!
Culling, Ed.4. p284 gives the following;
1) place a thin layer(3-5mm) of potassium chlorate at the bottom of a
coplin jar and fill with 70% ethanol. 
2) place hydrated section in the jar.
3) slowly add 1ml Conc. HCl to the bottom of the coplin jar.
The nascent chlorine produced will bleach melanin within a few hours.(I
leave the slides overnight)

Before all the safety guru's jump all over me, let me add, that this
should be performed in a fume hood and yes, pot. chlorate is potentially
explosive!!  However, the method works very well!


>From: 	Jean-Hugues Deschesnes[]
>Sent: 	April 23, 1999 1:46 PM
>Subject: 	Melanin
>We have been trying to bleach melanin using KMNO4 or hydrogen peroxyde
>(30%) but this is hard on tissues. Has anyone had success with other
>Thank you

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