RE: Immunos and Oven Temps/Times

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From:"Sebree Linda A." <>
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Date:Mon, 19 Apr 1999 07:37:56 -0500

Hi Beth,

Having heard of loss of antigenicity in tissue slides left for over an hour
at 60 degrees, we avoid leaving slides longer than that.

We have used Surgipath Snowcoat X-tra slides for fatty tissues with slightly
better luck than other "Plus" slides.  But we feel that in our hands, drying
fatty tissue slides overnight at 37 degrees seems to yield the best results
in retaining tissue on the slides.

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> Oh Blessed Gurus of Immunos...A moment of your time, please.
> How long are you incubating your immuno slides?  What temp?
> Anybody ever heard of leaving immuno control slides in a 70 degree oven
> for the weekend?  Yes, I said WEEKEND!   Anybody doing anything special to
> keep fat on slides (dermis and breast)?
>  Your answers could very possibly win (or lose) me a bet and your opinions
> are most appreciated!  
> Thanks in advance.
> Beth
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> Med U of SC
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