Please help? Auto Microtome or Precsion saws?

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From:Kerry B Cook <kbc@U.Arizona.EDU>
To:Gayle Callis <>
Date:Wed, 28 Apr 1999 14:17:24 -0700 (MST)
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	I am trying to find the best way to section vascular stents that
contain metal. I have the right resin (T8100 and T9100) , Tunsten carbide
blade, but not a automated microtome. Does anyone prefer using a precision
saw with a grinder polisher even thougth there is tremendous sample loss?

	My boss is ready to buy a $10,000 auto microtome unless I can
convince him otherwise that the saw/grinding/polisher is the way to go.

	thank you in advance for any suggestions.

	Kerry Cook, LMT, CVT
	University of Arizona
	Department of Biomedical Engineering

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