Pathology Database Program

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Date:Wed, 21 Apr 1999 05:28:26 EDT
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I am looking for a database program set up for anatomic pathology indexing. I 
would like to replace a 3x5 card file system with a PC.  The information we 
keep on the card files includes:  Patient name, hospital number, DOB, sex, 
race, and then each case received (surgical number, physician, specimen, 
diagnosis, and special studies performed.)  I could create a program but was 
wondering if someone already had this available commercially.  I would like 
to be able to retrieve information by name, number, surgical number and/or 
diagnosis.  Our hospital is still several years away from going on Sunquest 
Copath and the cards take up a lot of space.  We have files from 1960 to 
present.  Thanks.

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