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Date:Fri, 30 Apr 1999 17:58:34 EDT
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I cast my vote to getting a degree, even though I don't have one.  The point 
was driven home just this week.  I have been the chief tech for over five 
years at the hospital I work at. I have had a manager that has been over my 
department and 3 other departments.  He is leaving and they have reorganized 
the sections.  When they posted the opening the requirements  were MT(ASCP), 
HT(ASCP) or a bachelors degree in science.   When I applied for the job it 
was okay until they found out I did not have a bachelors degree then I was 
out of the running.  Yet management did not know enough about histology to 
know that a degree was not required to be a HT.  So we have got to get out 
there and promote ourselves and be more knowlegdable or we will forever be 
managed by people that do not have knowledge about histology.

Susie Guilfoyle HT(ASCP)
Tulsa, OK

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