GFP/fixation/paraffin sections

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From:Anita Jennings <>
Date:Wed, 28 Apr 99 14:43:38 MST
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I agree with Gayle (see below). I would love to have these procedures
shared. Better yet WRITE that puppy up and submit it to  LabLeader or NSH
Journal of Histotechnology  or some other publication so you can share it
with the world. GFP is relatively new to the histo world and a lot of
researchers are asking for it. We need a tried and true processing
procedure that works in formalin/paraffin if we don't want to have too many
special procedures. We need DETAILS. I await your reply with much
anticipation in the hopes you will be able to make my GFP life easier.
>I had (much to my happiness!) two replies from people who had used
>GFP with SUCCESS in formalin fixed tissues/paraffin processing.
>Could it be that the GFP they are using is a stable form (heat stabile,
>resistant to solvents?).  If so I am hoping they share the specifics
>of what was done, exact GFP used (there are chimeras out there!) and
>some of the processing times/solvents/paraffin.
>At least we had one thing in common, formalin fixation of tissues, time
>of fixation may be a big factor also.
>ladies, are you willing to share these goodies, it would be a big help.
>Gayle Callis

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