Formal Qualifications

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Date:Fri, 30 Apr 1999 17:03:13 +1000
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	Dear Linda,

	OK I agree in your case what would you want a "piece of paper" for, except
promotion in your job, professional recognition, the chance to take your
skills overseas.....  

	But in the modern world where there is immense competition for good jobs,
you've got to start somewhere and "a piece of paper" that says that you
have some sort of understanding about the profession has got to be an
advantage over a someone straight off the street.  Admittedly I know of
private pathology labs that (returning to my 'any monkey' theme) refuse to
use anybody except the untrained & unqualified in histology.  Even with the
piece of paper you still have to prove yourself in the workplace.

	This is the end of the 20th century, higher educational qualifications are
important to everybody in all sorts of professions.  I agree it doesn't
necessarily make them any better at the job (they can be worse).  Many of
the students I went through Uni with wish they had tried something else.
Perhaps it was better when practical medical science was taught at the
workbench, then the theory was taught at night school.  But times have

	I have a Bachelor of Applied Science in Medical Laboratory Science (Majors
in Histopathology & Haematology), & a Graduate Diploma of Science in
Microscopy & Microanalysis.  Undoubtably I will do a Masters of some
description & eventually a PhD.  In theory the number of job opportunites
available to me are many & varied.  However, if I was unqualified I would
have been lucky to be cleaning down the benches & making simple stains.
You have to compete in the modern workplace, my "piece of paper" is the
only way I can stay in the field of work I enjoy the most.  

	The down side for those without formal qualifications is that they will
lose jobs to those with BOTH the "piece of paper" & the experience &


	Rob W.

At 12:46 AM 4/30/99 EDT, you wrote:
>That's absurd.  What makes an Associate Degree so important?  I've been
>histology for 20 years without that piece of paper...and a darned good job, 
>What makes people think that a 2 year degree, a 4 year degree or even an 
>master's degree can make a skilled employee and a solid worker?  We've taken 
>the ASCP test and have proven ourselves.  That should be good enough.  Who's 
>great idea was it to diminish that by requiring a random number of college 
>Linda Gephart
>All Saints Hospital
>Fort Worth, TX
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