ER/PR Microwave Ovens and CPT codes

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Date:Wed, 28 Apr 1999 20:02:54 EDT
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Hi Histoland,

Thanks for all the help with CPT ER/PR codes. All the info was very helpful.
New question regarding microwave ovens. Any suggestions on a brand, vendor, 
catalog #, and cost? We need a new model that will allow us to perform HIER 
on ER/PR via the microwave pressure cooker method. Our present microwave is 
dangerously small (pressure cooker barely fits) and not powerful enough.
So I'm looking for a new one that is 1000 W, has an interior height of at 
least 9", is hopefully under $500.00 and has adjustable power settings.
All info is as always greatly appreciated.
Where would we be without the Histonet?

Thanks in advance.
Joel Benoit
Cooley-Dickinson Hospital

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