Bunsen burner burns bright in Southampton

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From:"Jeff Silverman" <peptolab@hamptons.com>
Date:Fri, 16 Apr 1999 17:35:42 -0400
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I've never been without a bunsen burner in 27 years as a histotech.
Switching to  the hot forceps from a heating block slows me down and tires
me out.  In fact, when my bunsen burner becomes thoroughly encased in
paraffin, its time to turn it upside down over a tray while lit to melt and
drip itself clean. Smokes somewhat and smells like crayons. Day to day, you
should be aokay if you tie your hair back, just be careful and keep
everything clear of the burner and turn it off when youre done embedding. 

Re: the recent philosophical thread-  I think that histotechnology is a
pure science that every day reveals God's or nature's artistic hand by
which we are both put together and rent assunder by disease. 

Jeff Silverman
Southampton Hospital NY USA

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