1) Sticky Slide

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From:"Masayuki Miyagishima, MD" <mmiyagis+@pitt.edu>
Date:Sat, 17 Apr 1999 14:39:19 -0500
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Hi, all histoneters, thank you very much for providing me a lot of good
suggestions.  Let me summarize the information I received.

1) Sticky Slide
Many people said custom made coating worked better than commercially
available Superfrost plus or other charged or coated slides.
Erie Scientific released the new charged slice called plus GOLD, which
is available from Fisher.  The Gold slide was developed for pre-fixed
frozen section.  I received the sample slides, and will try on my frozen
mice carotid artery tissue, which is 4% paraformaldehyde perfusion
prefixed prior to snap-frozen in isopentan. 
Many people suggested me that the complete air dry after adhering the
cryosection to the slide before storing or staining is essential for
good adhesion.

Masayuki Miyagishima, MD
University of Pittsburgh, 
Department of Surgery
412-647-2345, and ask the hospital operator to page 3228, please.

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