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From:"Masayuki Miyagishima, MD" <>
To:"Montague, Donna C" <>,
Date:Sat, 03 Apr 1999 23:41:44 -0500
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> >We use BD gold Seal Ultrastick slides (Erie Scientific or Fisher Scientific)

Another question.  I am dealing with a tiny mice frozen section on
SuperFrostPlus slide.  The tissue still comes off while IHC.  I was not
drying enogh before the IHC, because I thought drying will reduce the
antigenicity of the frozen section (perfusion fixed.).  Should I dry the
sections completely to get better attachment on the slide?

Or is this BD gold Seal Ultrastick slides better than Superfrost?
What is the ultimate super sticky slide under the sun???

Masayuki Miyagishima, MD
University of Pittsburgh, 
Department of Surgery
412-647-2345, and ask the hospital operator to page 3228, please.

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