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From:Mary Stevens <>,
Date:Wed, 14 Apr 1999 08:52:18 -0400

I have been following the arts vs, science discussion.  Kathy eloquently states the final product (our slides) may be considered an art - ie - beautiful, uninterrupted colors and patterns on a large screen.  But I agree with others that the way we get there is not artful - but science based.  All the tweeking which others have interjected is based on the knowledge and expertise of those performing the science - not unlike a molecular biologist or hematologist who can perform better gels or smears than others - these ARE techniques, developed with knowledge and scientific forethought (a need to have a method).  

My 2 cents (based on experience and knowledge.)


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>>> "Kathy Oprea" <> - 4/13/99 2:00 PM >>>
I must have hit the delete key a little agressively this a.m. because 
I am not sure how the talk about science or art got started. I would 
like to share something that I keep posted over my desk in my office 
for all to see......

>From "The Histology Professional - A Special Breed" by Mary Knight, 
BA, HTL(ASCP), Laboratory Medicine, Vol. 22, No. 12, December 1991.

One pathologist, speaking at a meeting of his colleagues, was showing 
slides that could only be described as works of art; he stopped 
suddenly in the middle of his presentation, obviously overcome by 
their sheer beauty. Having an intense desire to express his 
appreciation for them, he said with feeling, "Ah, the professional 
histotechnologist! Walk in awe when you meet one - because not one of 
us here could produce something so beautiful and useful as this."

Need I say more?   :-)
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