Re:my Good Friday turned bad!

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Date:Mon, 05 Apr 1999 09:19:00 -0700
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Dear Jerry [or Nola],
    I'm sorry to hear of the mishap - - Even with the best of humans, errors
occur - - and we all wish we could do it all over again.    Unfortunately, most
(if not all) of us have histo-horror stories to share.   That doesn't mean we
shouldn't be more careful and check our actions, of course.         
    If you started the "re"processing in a step with some water in the reagent,
perhaps the shortened cycle was not able to adequately remove the water.   The
tissues only need to go through the part of the program that was negated by the
cleaning reagents.  As advised by John Carroll Dennis, clearing and paraffin
infiltration were the steps which needed to be repeated (since fixation and
dehydration had already been completed.)    I'm not sure where you are located,
but Sakura's histology "help" line is staffed (with histologists) from 6am to
4:45pm Pacific time.  Please feel free to also use us as a resource should you
have VIP related issues to resolve.   
    Maybe not a silver lining to your 'cloudy' episode but the following is a
point of interest:  A few years ago, Gwen Goss of Cleveland Clinic wrote an
article published in the Shandon newsletter (later reprinted in the
Massachusetts Society for Hist.Newsletter).  In this article she explained
running tissues through the cleaning cycle of tissue processors ON PURPOSE.  
That technique was to automate having to re-process under-dehydrated specimens.


Kind Regards,

Nancy Klemme, HT(ASCP)
Customer/Product Support Mgr.
Sakura Finetek USA, Inc.
1750  West 214th Street
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Subject:    my Good Friday turned bad!
Author: "Jerry Wilson" <>
Date:       4/2/99 1:19 PM

From: Jerry Wilson
Date: Fri, Apr 2, 1999 1:19 PM
Subject: my Good Friday turned bad!
first thing this AM one of the techs drained the VIP processor, took a
basket of tissues out for embedding, temporarily went brain dead, and
started the "clean " cycle while 2 more baskets remained in the
processor.  What  a way to start the morning!  This is the first time
this happened, and i was a little unsure how to deal with it.  I assumed
the tissues had probably almost gone back to their original state and
reprocessed them (using a shorter cycle because of time constraints).
They seemed to section "just ok" (like underprocessed tissues).
Needless to say my planned 1/2 day turned into a day and a 1/2
Could i have done anything different (short of firing or maiming the
tech) to get better results under these circumstances??


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