Re: my Good Friday turned bad!

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From:"John C. Dennis" <>
To:Jerry Wilson <>
Date:Sat, 03 Apr 1999 00:42:48 -0600 (CST)
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Remember what the very first Good Friday was like
for the guy whose day began with a parade and ended with a hot spot on
plus sign.  I belive the working view--in polite society--is:  stuff
occurs.  Your wail is quite appropriate, for me at least,  because only
last month I was fetching some important samples from the VIP and lost
track.  I hit the CLEAN RETORT button before I took anything out and I had
just one basket in.  I looked around.  I think I was lost in the betwixt.
I think I was hoping no one had seen and also maybe I could blame some
politicians or somebody.  Truth is, routine stuff is routine stuff and
most people--who can do really quite amazing things--get bored by routine
stuff.  Most people most of the time aren't paying attention.  So, they
make mistakes.  The plus side is that, if people make mistakes, they're
actually doing something.  The other plus side is that, since mistakes are
going to happen, you want your folk to feel comfortable and right about
saying:  "Gee.  I screwed up."  Real trouble begins when the people don't
feel comfortable about reporting their mistakes.

Sorry for the sermon.  It's Good Friday, though.

What I did when I ran the clean cycle over my samples was to put them back
into the VIP and run them through the front end Xylene and then paraffin.
Aside from the disturbing funk and the 3 hour delay, everything came out
just fine.  That's probably what you decided to do already.  It'll be

Yours on a good spring day 

John Carroll Dennis
Anatomy, Physiology, and Pharmacology
109 Greene Hall
Auburn University, AL  36849

On Fri, 2 Apr 1999, Jerry Wilson wrote:

> first thing this AM one of the techs drained the VIP processor, took a
> basket of tissues out for embedding, temporarily went brain dead, and
> started the "clean " cycle while 2 more baskets remained in the
> processor.  What  a way to start the morning!  This is the first time
> this happened, and i was a little unsure how to deal with it.  I assumed
> the tissues had probably almost gone back to their original state and
> reprocessed them (using a shorter cycle because of time constraints).
> They seemed to section "just ok" (like underprocessed tissues).
> Needless to say my planned 1/2 day turned into a day and a 1/2
> Could i have done anything different (short of firing or maiming the
> tech) to get better results under these circumstances??
> thanks
> jerry
> nola

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