Re: Wonders of Rugger

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From:Jim Hall <>
Date:Mon, 12 Apr 1999 15:38:13 +0100
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Many thanks for your well deserved win on Saturday, I have had a field day
with my English counterparts to-day, for once they are not gloating and are
pretty P.O'd.  Hope we Scotts can return the favour sometime.

Lang mae yer lum reek,

Jim Hall.

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At 13:59 12/04/99 +0000, RUSS ALLISON wrote:
>Hey you guys
>Wales beat England at rugby on Sunday!  Wow
>Good on you, boys.
>Stopped England being champions.  Brother celts from Scotland are now 
>the Champs!  Well done Jocks!
>Cymru am byth!
>Russ Allison, Wales
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