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Ideas of NMLW, past and present, from Wm. Beaumont Hospital, 
Royal Oak, MI: (We are restricted, with 650 people in the labs
on 3 shifts in 3 locations. So cozy dinner parties are out.
And we don't have a lot of money to spend, so we rely on the
kindness of vendors a lot, bless them all.)

- Identify photos of hands
- Identify People's pets (this was very popular)
- Decorate a lab coat
- Make a lab mascot out of disposable supplies/parts found in the lab
- Decorate large cookies
- Make a mobile depicting your lab's link to good health (this
year's project). We gave them 1 1/2 feet of plastic chain (small
links). They had to use disposable supplies, photos, pictures, etc.
Nothing hazardous or dangerous. Had to weigh less than 5 pounds
so we could hang it from the ceiling. Size had to be less than
3x3x3 feet. We hung these up in the area where we had our
Lab Links Cafe open for breakfast (bagels, donuts, OJ and coffee).
Everyone coming down could vote on their favorites (top 3). We
will tally up the results, and everyone on the team (2-6 people)
of the winning mobiles is receiving movie passes.

- Because we have 650 people in Clin Path, Anat Path, and our
Reference Lab, it is hard for us to plan events with food.

- Usually have cake and punch in afternoon. Not well attended.
- This year, did bagels/donuts/OJ/coffee/tea from 6:30-10:30 am.
Very well attended. Tonight (8pm -12 mn) we are having the
(left-over) bagels and brownies. I think we'll do this again
next year.

- Every people gets one gift, usually using the logo put on
something. We usually go through a printing company around
us, as the ASCP gifts are too expensive. Gifts in past:
	- water bottle
	- car coffee mug
	- mugs
	- fanny pack
	- book bag
- Additional gifts: Obtained from vendors; bought from ASCP.
Purchased with some of our own money - movie passes, pizza
coupons ($10), potted flowers (also used to decorate), 
coupon for video stores, disposable cameras. We try to get enough 
gifts so that 1 out of every 5-6 people get an extra gift.
	- Random drawing, and hand it out during week
	- Have a magnet for each person. When they come to the
breakfast/cake, they draw a magnet, which is theirs. If there
is a colored dot on the back, they get an extra gift (people 
liked it this way)
	- Puzzles: Designed by techs. Winners drawn randomly
from all correct entries.


- FIND THE LAB: Posted signs outside all labs, with cryptic
note, and usually an informative statement. Clues listed on paper. 
Match signs with clues. Examples:
	- Name of the two Coulter counters are Sesame street 
characters in this lab. Sign said "Bert and Ernie" (they
have 2 machines in the center of the lab, so they couldn't
say "Use the one on the left." It led to a lot of confusion,
until someone finally brought in the 2 dolls, and put one on each).
So the participant wrote down "Hematology" on their paper.
	- This lab takes black and white photos of kidneys. The
clue outside EM was a black and white photo, with a short explanation. 
So the participants wrote down EM
	- This lab could go all the way to Beijing. Outside
our reference lab was the number of miles the couriers traveled
last year.

-CROSS-LINKS: Always popular, easy to make.

We usually don't schedule any that week, just because we do
them throughout the year for area schools.

Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)
William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, MI

"D. Hammer" wrote:
> Histonetters:
> Here's the invite I mentioned in the previous post.
> Don
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Hospital Pathology, NP, GI, Faculty, Staff and Residents:
>    It's time to mark your calenders for a week long celebration of the
>                contributions we all make to Health Care.
>                  **Events planned and coordinated by**
>                 Supervisory Staff of Hospital Pathology
>                                      Monday, April 12th
>                            Is there life beyond Hospital Pathology?
>                      (Display of talents and interests outside of work)
>                                    BB204 Conference Room
>                                       2:30 to 3:30pm
>                                        Refreshments
> Tuesday, April 13th
> Tours of Hospital Pathology Laboratories
> BB204 Conference Room
> Tours begin at 1:00 and 2:00pm
>                               Wednesday, April 14th
>                       Pathology's "Wishin' for Summer" Picnic
>                                 12:00 to 1:30Pm
>                              BB204 Conference Room
>        Wear your picnic attire, you may even need that sunhat and glasses
>                          "Sunlight Special" Doorprizes
> Thursday, April 15th
> Tours of Lab Medicine Laboratories
> Room NW150
> Tours begin at 1:00 and 3:00pm
>          We hope you are able to attend all of the events!
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Don Hammer, Administrative Director            UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON
> Hospital Pathology, Box 356100                     MEDICAL CENTER
> 1995 NE Pacific St.
> Seattle Washington, 98195                  ~Where Knowledge Comes To Life~
> (206) 598-6401 Fax: (206) 598-4928
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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